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Succulent & Cacti Care

Succulents and cacti look great with minimal care. The more you know about these fascinating plants and how to look after them, the more you’ll enjoy growing them.


Water when the soil is dry to the touch. Depending on the weather, the plant and the size of the container, this might be as often as once a week or as infrequently as once a month.


Most succulents do best when given bright light (several hours of sun daily). Depending on the intensity of the sun, many species appreciate some shade during the warmest part of the day.


Succulents are generally not big fans of extremes. People living where it freezes or where temps regularly hit or exceed 100 degrees should bring their plants inside during the extreme months. 


If you’re pleased with the size and the way your plants look, you can skip fertilizing them. Or simply apply a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half the recommended strength, once or twice a year right before or during growing season.

Not all succulents and cacti want or need precisely the same amount of hydration or sunlight, of course. Find info specific to each plant on its own page on our website or on the pot in which it’s shipped.