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Echeveria ‘Sleepy’™

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While we very much like the name 'Sleepy', we could have called this little green hen Echeveria 'Chunky' or 'Little Chunky'. Plump, pointed leaves and green-as-can-be foliage distinguish this Echeveria hybrid. Yellow/coral flowers dazzle from a stalk several inches above. Great in a patio planter as an accent to other juicy plants. We like it as a complement to variegated succulents. In habitat, many echeverias grow on rocky outcroppings. In this habitat, the water drains quickly away from the roots of the plant, never allowing it to remain waterlogged, thereby reducing the possibility of root loss and root disease. For this reason, it is essential in cultivation to use a very porous soil, which will allow quick drainage. Bright light is required to prevent etiolation (stretching) of echeverias. (Etiolation occurs when a moderately fast growing plant such as an echeveria is grown in dim light or is over-fertilized, causing overly lush growth that contributes to weak, pallid plants.) This is an Altman Plants original hybrid.

Recommended pairings: Anacampseros telephiatrum ‘Variegata’, Aloe ‘Delta Dawn’
Bloom time: Coming soon
Size: 2-4 inches tall
Plant in porous soil with excellent drainage
Bright light with ample airflow
Water thoroughly when soil is completely dry to the touch
Hardiness: Coming soon


Part of what makes succulents so fascinating are the myriad ways they express themselves throughout the year, depending on light, season, temperature, soil, and hydration. For those and other reasons, the plants you receive may not look exactly as they appear on our website.

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