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A Bigger and Badder Sunset – ‘Neon Breakers’

Posted on September 09 2016

Summer brings us the most beautiful sunsets. Each evening, we’re able to marvel at the fluorescent oranges, pinks, and deep purples that fade in a matter of hours. Luckily, a more permanent sunset has been created to be a statement piece in your garden, the Echeveria ‘Neon Breakers’ (PP21406). This patented hybrid is characterized by its intense, colorful leaves. Once planted, the leaves rosettes begin as a blue-green with faint pink at the tips. As the 'Neon Breakers' (PP21406) receive continuous full to partial sun, its colors transform into its own, vivid sunset. The blue-green reverts to a deep purple and a magenta, pink hue at the tips of its leaves. In bloom, during late summer and early fall, its colors heighten and tend to become even more vivid. Purplish stems grow vertically while producing bright pink flowering buds. The variation in the color is fascinating in the fact that the change in color is so dramatic. ‘Neon Breakers’ (PP21406) offers a sense of uniqueness, because unlike its parents, Echeveria shaviana ‘Pink Frills,’ it is able to withstand far more diseases and doesn’t shut down seasonally, meaning that it will continue to grow regularly season after season. Its growth is both continuous and robust, especially when given the proper amount of sunlight. This difference between both parent and child is greatly shown in its color intensity. ‘Neon Breakers’ is brighter in color and variation than its parents. With more sun means brighter colors. This rosette-forming succulent has wavy, crinkled edges that are an unusual leaf texture, unlike other Echeveria. Its leaves are thinner compared to others, but it’s still considered a hardy plant. While these plants can start out small, its rosettes can grow to 8” or more in diameter. In this case, taking care of these beauties is simple. ‘Neon Breakers’ (PP21406)  are forgiving in that fact that they have the capability to thrive with little water and dry, poor soil. These plants originate in a habitat that is higher in altitude with little soil. Many grow on rocky outcroppings without a problem, as long water drainage is quick and frequent. Proper drainage resists root rot. Care is quite similar to this when placed in a container or garden at home. Plant the ‘Neon Breakers’ (PP21406) in very porous soil, which helps air and water move through much more rapidly than other soils. As mentioned before, this Echeveria’s beautiful color intensity peaks most with continuous direct sunlight. Without direct, bright sunlight, most Echeveria will grow fast, but weak. The morning sun is most desirable for the plant as the afternoon sunlight can be excessively harsh. Make sure to place your succulent in an area that will receive a good amount of sunlight, but keep in mind to let your plant have a bit of shade or indirect sun to keep its fleshy leaves from burning and scarring. ‘Neon Breakers’ (PP21406) continues to be an outstanding addition to any succulent garden. It proves to be a perfect ten with color, care, and durability. Brilliant colors in the sky may fade, but this succulent proudly brightens your garden day in and day out.   Echeveria ‘Neon Breakers’ (PP21406) available for your garden on our retail shop and Cactus shop!  


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