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A Timeless Flower with a Blossomed Meaning

Posted on November 23 2016

Roses have a colorful history. These perennial flowers have occupied the earth for 35 million years. They have acquired a plethora of meanings across the world. These meanings have been translated into some of the most well known works of art. Prominent minds such as William Shakespeare and Vincent van Gogh have used roses has a form of inspiration. Whether painted, sang, or penned, there is an everlasting connection between roses and emotion. The color of a rose is one of the largest forms of expression. When one seeks to voice their feelings for another, roses know exactly what to say. Red roses are an honored way to say, “I love you.” Yellow roses say, “Get well soon,” or are given as a way to convey a meaningful friendship. In the past, the yellow rose was used differently during the Victorian era to represent jealousy or to torment a past lover. To give a recipient a pink rose expresses admiration and gratitude, or a simple, “Thank you.” The white rose, often described as the bridal rose, is given to portray a true, everlasting love. These roses are a traditional wedding flower that signifies unity and a lifetime of love between the couple. This rose is also used as a form of remembrance or in honor of a departed loved one. The beauty and symbolic meaning of this timeless flower are captured within the passion that we have for roses. Altman Plants will soon be launching our own brand of Hybrid Tea Shrub™ roses. Our world-renowned Rosarian, Ping Lim, has bred some of the most outstanding varieties that display the most brilliant, bursting colors. The collection comes in an array of different hues, from deep crimson, playful pink, peach, golden yellow, and even multicolor. These colors are bold and daring, creating an eloquent statement piece in the garden. Our roses can be displayed with their vivid, long-lasting blooms and repeat flowering. Our brand provides variety for those looking for different sizes of roses, some ranging from many to few petals. Hybrid Tea Shrub™ roses have a compact growth habit ranging from three to six feet in height. The compactness of these plants gives them the ability to flourish in smaller areas, like patio pots, and where they are less likely to overgrow around other garden plants (as long as your keep them healthfully pruned). This brand is geared specifically for the next generation of rose gardeners. Bred for hardiness, stress tolerance, and disease resistance, these roses can handle different environmental factors. With hardiness comes easier care and maintenance, meaning you can watch the beauty of these roses unfold without constantly worrying if you’re doing enough for them to thrive. Hybrid Tea Shrub™ roses have been created for even the most novice of gardeners. With such an outstanding group of roses, they are in need of your creativity and input. We’re looking for a name that can encapsulate their features and beauty, while speaking to the striking and bold drama they create once bloomed. This month, enter our contest with an idea you feel would work. At the end of the month, we will be selecting a winning name that has the most likes on social media and suits our brand best. You could win $100, a rose surprise, and, of course, the fame of naming such an amazing variety of roses.   Click here to submit a name idea or if you’d like more details on the contest.


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