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Adorn your space with this little jewel

Posted on November 27 2017

Pachyveria 'Glauca' is a diminutive but distinctive gem

We succulent lovers sure do live in a golden age of gorgeous variety. Pachyveria 'Glauca', aka "little jewel," is a Pachyphytum × Echeveria mash-up — a cross between two members of the family Crassulaceae. Little jewel is one of the many hybrids   whose roots belong to the two aforementioned genera of succulents, but there's nothing ordinary about it. In our latest Altman Plants video , succulent wizard Tom Jesch likens this darling intergeneric cross to candle wax that has formed into a beautiful symmetrical star. The plant forms tapered cylindrical leaves of dusky powdery blue with reddish tints at the tips and some violet tones. It looks great when those tips pick up reds and purples from garden cohorts or containers. Consider decorating a planter, windowsill or rock garden with this fetching living ornament. Water thoroughly when the soil is dry to the touch and protect it from frost. Its distinctive, tight rosettes stay to 4 to 6 inches high and wide.
If you missed it, last week in this space we waxed fondly about intergeneric succulent hybrids such as Graptoveria 'Fred Ives', Sedeveria 'Blue Elf', and Mangave 'Bloodspot', along with Pachyveria 'Glauca'. One could create quite the marvelous garden by populating it exclusively with hybrid beauty: graptoverias, graptosedums, gasteraloes, cremnosedums, sedeverias, and pachyverias such as our spiky little jewel. Oh and add a trio of Mangave 'Bloodspot' specimens to serve as landscape sentinels.


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