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Altman Plants team members display their plant geekery

Posted on July 20 2017

We’re thrilled to share the creative chops of the four winners of the first Altman Plants team photo contest. We challenged our colleagues to submit images that captured nature being awesome in whatever way they could find, whether in and around their homes or while out and about, and they came through big time. In the case of this fab four, that could be of a hummingbird zipping around for nourishment or of a quiet moment with a rose bush in the rain. Of a living wall of succulent colors and textures or of a backyard space transformation. 

Accompanying the four photos below are the stories behind them, in the words of our coworkers. View all of the winners’ submissions here.

Photograper: Kathy Nyquist Plants are one of my favorite photography subjects. There is such diversity; I am never bored with them. Plus, I love seeing the world differently through the lens of a camera — nature photography forces me to slow down, focus in, and really see what is around me in the moment. In rare instances, that moment yields unexpected results. As I focused on this colorful caesalpinia bloom on a Southern California hillside, the Anna’s hummingbird flew in looking for a sweet treat. It briefly hovered over several blooms before quickly darting off in search of another meal.
Photographer: Lee Chaille Start with a nice collection of succulents that you can propagate by cuttings. You can restrict or amplify growth depending on the depth of your living wall shelves and type of potting mix used. Pretreat the wood with exterior stain and sealant and allow gaps when constructing for good drainage, which will help you avoid rotting plants and wood!
Photographer: Chris Fernandez I never had this addiction of collecting cacti & succulents until I started working at Altman Plants. I have been doing it for almost two years now. I usually buy the smallest size because I find it challenging to nurture them until they grow big with low maintenance. It’s very therapeutic to just see them grow or multiply fast. I’d say it soothes my soul and gives me a sense of relaxation. My husband loves it too. My backyard used to just have the palm trees, and my cacti and succulents made it more inviting. They’re a great must-have for everyone’s backyard! I am not sure how I came up with the layout. They were getting really big, so I decided to rearrange and turn it into a nicer, more eye-catching space in my backyard.
  Photographer: Rudy Betancourt The yellow rose picture is a macro photo I shot during a rainy day this year. I wanted to capture the vibrant colors of the rose as well as the raindrops. I enjoy shooting nature shots because it takes me places I would not normally travel to.  


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