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Crassula tetragona - A Succulent For All Seasons

Posted on December 21 2016

Happy Holidays, succulent lovers! With only a few days left before the weekend, we hope that you have all of your festivities in order. For those last minute gift givers who are racking their brain in search of last minute presents for your loved ones, oh boy, do we have an idea for you. In the spirit of the season, gather your wrapping paper and ribbon for the Crassula tetragona “Mini Pine Tree”.” Named after its resemblance to a pine tree, it is unlike any plant you have picked up for the holidays. Its stem, rather woody, is matte green in its youth, but will eventually take on a bark-like appearance. From the stem, foliage grows symmetrically with narrow, needle-like leaves, similar to that of a pine tree. Snowflake-white blooms appear small, yet plentiful in late spring and early summer. The South African native stands straight and has an upright growth habit. While small, do not be fooled by its original size. The “Mini Pine Tree” can grow up to four feet tall over the course of several years if it receives premium care. Versatility may as well be its middle name because it enjoys living as an indoor and outdoor plant. While durable and hardy, it is best to protect this plant under temperatures of 28°F. House your succulent indoors during the winter chill to prevent frostbite. Container gardening is exceptionally fun with the “Mini Pine Tree.” The crisp evergreen color coordinates well with red and gold bowls or festive figurines. You can even hang miniature ornaments on its leaves! Place the container on a windowsill or create a table centerpiece. With similarities to that of a jade plant, bonsai dishes are commonly used to house this succulent. Plant it in a patio pot or outdoors in your garden where it adds visual and textural appeal with other succulents. Caring for the “Mini Pine Tree” is especially easy, making it the perfect starter succulent. With little pruning and maintenance required, it is all the better to watch this little treasure grow! The plant needs full sun to partial shade, preferably morning sunlight. To thrive properly, well-drained soil is crucial. Water only when the soil is dry to touch. Avoid keeping the soil wet all the time; as this will encourage root rot. It is likely that water requirements will change depending on the season, meaning that it will take less water during the winter and increased water in summer. Don’t let the winter temperatures stop you from adding plants to your collection. Incorporate succulents into holiday decorations indoors. When this joyous season is over, there is no need to take down the Crassula tetragona “Mini Pine Tree.” Let it bask in the sunlight perched on a windowsill until the weather warms. This featured December tree will provide interest in your home and garden for every season.   Crassula tetragona “Mini Pine Tree” is available for your holiday container on our retail shop and Cactus shop!


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