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Natural-Born Soil Mates

Posted on September 06 2016

Who says succulents can’t have a long-lasting companionship with non-succulent plants? We’ve compiled tips and tricks to create a perfect, cohesive garden or container that gives you the ability to bring added color, height, and texture into play when pairing both succulents and non-succulents together. Who knew opposites would attract?

PAIRING NON-SUCCULENT SOULMATES Annuals These plants have one growing and flowering season and will require replacement each year. Most annuals planted to the side of your containers because most will naturally spill over the container. We recommend using these beautiful annuals to supplement your succulent garden:
  • Creeping zinnia
  • Portulaca
  • Lobelia
  • Gazania
  • Licorice plant
  Perennials Perennials continue to bloom year after year. They often increase in size each year. There are a wide variety of perennials to use that not only look beautiful with your succulents, but also are able to receive similar care habits, making it less of a worry to keep your plants alive and healthy!
  • California poppies
  • Honeysong Purple
  • African daisies
  • Lavender
  • Heuchera
  Ground Cover While you may use ground cover succulents that can be added to your garden, companion ground covers can be a great option to create a background and contrast to taller plants. These work well typically in your garden or larger containers but make sure you choose a ground cover that won’t overpower or spread over your arrangement (some may choke other plants and deprive them of nutrients).
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Verbena
  Grasses Grasses come in a variety of colors and textures that can compliment succulents used in your garden. By adding grasses, it creates an asymmetrical contrast to your larger, plumper succulents. Ornamental grasses are perennial plants that continue to bloom beautifully during every season.
  • Boulder blue Festuca
  • Black flowering fountain grass
  • Atlas fescue (Festuca mairei)
  • Slender veldt grass (Pennisetum spathiolatum)
  Shrubs Since most shrubs grow larger than what containers can accommodate, they can be utilized best in your garden. Shrubs are wonderful backdrops to enhance the shape and colors of your succulent and other plants you choose. These are smaller shrubs that can accentuate your succulents.
  • Junipers
  • Hinoki cypress
  • Barberry bushes
  Other non-succulent plant choices may have different care and watering needs, so continue to monitor how they grow and coexist together. Be careful as some may choke and deprive your succulents so they’re unable to thrive, or overshade your succulents. In this case, try to pair your succulents with non-succulents plants that have similar soil, water, and sun requirements to make sure they all equally thrive!


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