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Rosarian Ping Lim Receives 'Best Hybrid Tea' Award At The Biltmore International Rose Trials 2016

Posted on October 19 2016

Rosarian Ping Lim Receives 'Best Hybrid Tea' Award At The Biltmore International Rose Trials 2016

Ping Lim of Altman Plants awarded at the final round of The Biltmore International Rose Trials for his rose "Double 10" (PPA) after two years of trialing.

double10-whiterevisedVISTA, Calif.- After two years of trialing, Altman Plants is pleased to announce that their Rosarian, Ping Lim, received an award for his patented rose, “Double 10” (PPA). The rose was awarded the Pauline Merrell Award for 'Best Hybrid Tea' at the 2016 Biltmore International Rose Trials.

The event took place on a clear, pleasant Saturday morning on September 24, 2016. An international jury judged the final round of the trials and attendees observed the beautiful varieties of roses displayed at the estate. The family owned Biltmore estates, located in Asheville, North Carolina, has remained preserved since it’s construction in 1895 and has trialed roses for the past five years. The Biltmore International Rose Trials are considered a competitive trial where both amateur and professional hybridizers from around the world submit their rose specimens. Roses are put through a two-year trial and are tested four times per year. The flowers are evaluated based on their resistance to disease, vigor, ability to rebloom annually as well as fragrance. “The Biltmore is a very competitive trial for rose hybridizers internationally. It is an honor to have our rose specimen win,” says Rosarian Ping Lim, “That is one of the main reasons we participated. It holds such value to us.” Altman Plants entered the “Double 10” (PPA) based on a voted decision. Curious about the name, Ping Lim answered, “Double 10 means October 10, which is the birthday of the Republic of China,” Ping explained. “It was revealed at a ceremony by the Taiwan Consulate in Houston last October.” The “Double 10” (PPA) is a patented rose that has been created for, minimal care, and increased resistance to disease. All patented roses created by Altman Plants are environmentally friendly, which means that the plants are not sprayed. In the past two years, Altman Plants has received two awards for their outstanding rose specimens and look forward to The Biltmore International Rose Trials in the coming years.   About Altman Plants A passion for plants has been Altman Plants founding mission since 1975. Starting out as an innocent hobby, Ken and Deena Altman have created not only one of the country’s largest and most recognized wholesale nurseries, but they are also the world’s largest succulent grower in the world. Their operations encompass over 14 million environmentally controlled square feet in six different locations in the United States. With the help of two world-renowned succulent and cacti breeders, Altman Plants offers a variety of 1,025 unique succulents and also breed their own patented, one-of-a-kind succulents. Altman Plants strives to provide high-quality living treasures, for collectors and retailers alike. For more information, please visit


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