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Summer Centerpiece: Succulent Wine Bottle Planter

Posted on September 06 2016

Display gorgeous greenery in your home or patio by repurposing an old wine bottle into a succulent planter. Fill it with a variety of your favorite succulents that are both easy to maintain and care for. Summer Centerpiece: Succulent Wine Bottle Planter There is so much to love about summertime. An evening spent with friends and family entertaining. Laughing together, sharing memories, and making new ones. Or, afternoons spent leisurely with outdoor meals and refreshing beverages. During these warmer months, this summer heat seems to deem it necessary for some delicious drinks, especially some light, refreshing rosé or a bottle of crisp Sauvignon Blanc. But, what do you do with the bottle when you’re done with it? Throw it away? Instead of tossing it, create a memory by repurposing the bottle that was shared with your loved ones into a succulent wine bottle planter to house your favorite succulents. Succulent wine bottles can be set around your home, patio or hang them along a fence or retaining wall in your backyard. They look beautiful as a centerpiece for a dinner party or your kitchen table.   What You'll Need:
  • Create your own or purchase a premade planter (we suggest looking on OpenSky or Etsy)
  • 3-5 Succulents (size- 2.5” and filler)
  • Potting soil
  • Stones or top dressing (gravel, river stones, shells, bark, marbles, or sand)
  1. Using the soil, fill the planter close to the brim and inside the neck of the bottle. Make sure to leave ¼-½” of space for the stones on top.
  2. Decide where you want your plants to be placed. Typically the largest succulent will be the focal point of your planter.
  3. Gently squeeze the pot so that both the plant and soil come out of its pot. Then, gently squeeze the soil-root ball, loosening the soil so it’s no longer a soil brick (Be advised not to pull off the soil from the roots. This runs the risk of breaking one of the larger roots, which can lead to root rot).
  4. Plant the first succulent into the middle of the bottle. Once you’ve planted the succulent, make sure that the roots are covered and the soil is level.
  5. Next, add your next larger or medium succulents around the succulent you have first planted. Doing the same thing you did for the first, cover roots and level the soil.
  6. Then, add smaller succulents or fillers around to cover any spaces in between the larger succulents or spaces in the soil. These fillers add texture, color, and shape to your arrangement.
  7. To complete the top of the planter, add stones or top dressing. They not only create a more beautiful, completed arrangement, but they have another purpose as well. It keeps your succulent arrangement in place and helps the planter to retain moisture in the soil (If you’re housing your planter where humid weather is typical, be advised that top dressing may prevent the water from evaporating. This could cause plants to rot or lose their resistance to pathogens).
  Once your arrangement is complete and to your preference, resist watering if for 2-3 days. After this, water them lightly. Continue to water the plant once the soil has dried. To keep your arrangement healthy, put your planter in a spot in your home that gets filtered or indirect sunlight. Enjoy!


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