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The Cool Weather Gang

Posted on November 26 2002

by Bob Reidmuller printed in Garden Compass magazine, Nov/Dec 2002 Used with permission. The year is nearly gone when it seems to have just started, and we will soon be in a sea of poinsettias. With the screaming heat of summer all but a memory it's time to brighten up with some cool weather perennials. Most perennials are taking a well-deserved breather, but the perennial Daisy Gang is ramping up to take over. Argyranthemums - the fancy Marguerites - are now available in single and double flowering types in white, yellows and pinks. More compact and floriferous than ever, they lend perfectly to bright border plantings and containers - great accents to the Thanksgiving Mums! Big, bold, Euryops 'Sonnenschein' fills up a dreary corner of the landscape in no time with a flood of 2" wide, bright yellow, double flowers. Robust, it serves best as a background or foundation plant and equally as well in a large container or even trained as a standard! The full double flowers are a welcomed improvement over the old single type. Don't forget: Felicia with sky blue petals and bright yellow eye brings a hard to find color to the garden that can light up any pathway, border, pot or window box. Now that your winter garden is bright and "Daisy-fied" don't forget your winter veggies too: kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, lettuce, spinach and radishes!


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