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What's Inspiring You This Weekend?

Posted on October 07 2016

emaillifestyle WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Happy Friday! TGIF. Take this weekend to tend to your passion or hobby. October is here and we're feeling it at our headquarters in Vista, California. Autumn is the beginning of cooler days, warm clothes, hot beverages, and the changing of colors. Succulents feel the developments of this season and this is the time to give your plants a little TLC. Here are a few things to keep in mind as temperatures lower and the weather becomes inevitably cooler: 1. Provide sheltered areas on days that are increasingly snowy or rainy. 2. If it snows, don't remove the snow cover. The snow actually insulates the plants. 3. Warm up your plants by providing them their own blanket. Purchase fabric covers or frost covers when freezing temperatures are forecasted. 4. Ensure containers have adequate drainage and air circulation, especially when the weather causes increased soil dampness.   Just because winter is coming doesn't mean you should be discouraged to plant any other succulents for the season. Add a succulent planter to your kitchen windowsill or dining room table.  So this weekend.. what will you create?


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