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about-round-2Cacti & Succulents inspire us all to garden with drought tolerant xeriscaping.  View our ever-growing catalog of Cacti & Succulents at our Online Store.  Explore the fascinating world of cacti and succulents by taking a tour of Altman Plants’ Cacti are succulent plants that are water-storing and are native to the New World: North America, South America, and Central America. Succulents include all plants that store water. They usually can be watered infrequently, the water will cause the skin to swell, and will gradually contract and shrivel as the water level inside the plant decreases over time. Succulents look great with minimal care, will not wilt if you forget to water them, and are delightful to collect and use in gardens and containers. The more you know about these intriguing plants, the more you’ll enjoy growing them.
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