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4.25" China Red Aglaonema

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About this item

  • CHINESE EVERGREEN PLANT DELIVERY: 'China Red' is a colorful Chinese evergreen plant you'll love growing with your live house plants and office plants. It’s a variegated plant for real plant lovers who enjoy growing uncommon live tropical plants. This popular indoor plant arrives in a 4" nursery pot.
  • COLORFUL EXOTIC PLANTS: A vibrant live evergreen is the perfect addition to your house plant collection of rare live plants. Display as an office plant or grow these rare indoor plants beside other live indoor house plants and unique plants.
  • RARE PLANTS THAT CLEAN THE AIR: It's time to start growing uncommon live indoor plants and easy houseplants that clean the air in your home. Aglaonema evergreen plants are unique house plants that can also be grown as low light house plants.
  • EXOTIC INDOOR HOUSE PLANTS: This pink houseplant is an easy indoor plant for any space. Grow this rare plant decor for living room aesthetic or display these easy to grow houseplants as desk plants for office spaces.


Part of what makes succulents so fascinating are the myriad ways they express themselves throughout the year, depending on light, season, temperature, soil, and hydration. For those and other reasons, the plants you receive may not look exactly as they appear on our website.


Caring for your new plant is easy with Greg's help. You'll receive a companion app that provides ongoing 4.25" China Red Aglaonema care, plant health tips, and help from a community of other Altman customers that will ensure your new plant thrives in its new home.

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